Big Tits For Little Losers

You’ve had a dream of me and in this midnight fantasy I’ve got HUGE tits! They’re so freaking big it’s nearly outrageous! Look at me all big and round and sexy up top. My shirt barely fits and my skirt is too tight to bend over!

Unfortunately, for you even in your dreams you still won’t be able to handle me or be man enough to get inside of me. But since this is all in your head I will let you show me how much of a man you can be to tease me and seduce me into banging your brains out!

So dream on little worm, it’s time to rest your busy mind and put your cock to work! Are you ready for this super busty wet dream?

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Enter – The Cosmic Diva


With all of the stuff going on in the sky I decided to share some of my sky-art-photos in a brand new blog! If you’re into things other than my huge tits check out my new spot for solar & lunar photography and videos along with a few tips on what’s happening over our heads!

Astronomy is pretty deep and time consuming since there is so much to learn but I’m a curious one so I want to capture and share as much as our new weather will allow.

I’ve been doing a ton of research and trying to learn more about the life outside of earth that I simply couldn’t post it all here since was not intended for that. Comets, asteroids, planetary changes, polar shifting and so much more is happening that I can’t help but to notice, and I want to share news and visuals with the interested ones.

-Not to mention, I think it’d be sweet if I was able to capture something truly amazing!

Warning: If galactic anomalies, man-made constellations, weather modification and space rocks whizzing by the earth freak you out, DO NOT visit this site.


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Once you wake up you will never sleep again.


Goodnight to the Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson

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Gone too soon but never to be forgotten, Prince Rogers Nelson has passed away in his 57th year of life. We have all enjoyed his music, his style and we will never forget his inspiration to be sexually free. His music touched us or inspired us to touch someone else!


For sharing his incredible gift with all of us, I say thank you fellow Gemini, dear Prince. Goodnight and goodbye for now. -VB




The New Light…


I like these sun shots but hopefully I’ll figure out how to get all of my boobs into the shot along with the sun! This will take some skill to squeeze my 38H cups into an image right next to such a super Star! LOL- enjoy!

A Lens Inspired Dream…Motorized

Ok so the Goddess asked and she received! Another big THANK YOU to whomever decided to purchase the motorized head for my new tripod! I put it to use right away!

Unfortunately the moon, like my youth, have been out of my vision for quite some time now. So until it returns I had to at least try to capture SOMETHING! ANYTHING! -at night. With this entire tripod and motorized head I have a tiny learning curve that would cause a HUGE amount of sweat if I tried to experiment during the daylight hours. So I waited until well after 11pm last night to give this new baby a go!

Jupiter and her moons!

See my blurry gallery of Jupiter and her moons here

Now let me tell you that when I saw this thing in the camera I got really scared because it looked like an odd disc that jumped onto my lens from nowhere! Through the scope it was- Black sky, mini star flash, darkness, mini star flash and then BAM! A round, white ball just pops into frame, causing me to jump backwards with surprise!
And let me tell you this thing takes on many shapes with just a touch of the focus ring…I swear on my boobs that it looked like no planet I have ever seen before in any NASA photo. But hey, I have plenty to learn so I’m sure soon enough my photos will be in focus and less sci-fi looking! LOL