Hypno-Erotica for Newbies

Ever considered going under?

I mean erotic hypnosis!

A world where your sex drive is based on mind control!

Can you imagine a world where a mindfuck is deeper than penetration and more orgasmic than ejaculation?

Maybe you should consider  taking a dive into the world of mind control!

There’s nothing quite like the forced relaxation that a soothing voice can provide your savage soul.

Listen to one of my older hypnotic-erotic-trance clips. Nothing nefarious and nothing you can’t handle, I promise.

All you need to do is relax, grab your headphones and make sure the door is locked just in case you get lost in the hypnotic fog!
Position your screen to view either the GIF or the video and allow your eyes to take in both images…and enjoy!


Psychos & Poison – Flint, Michigan

Just another sign that we need to be focused on doing the right thing with each other as humans. We are totally jerking off incorrectly and we are all gonna feel the rash from this power-whackoff sooner than we realize. This kind of stuff makes me want to spend the rest of my life having sex since there’s no desire to improve humanity. Let’s just hump the days away and eat granola! LOL

The Flint Water and the Porter Ranch Gas Blowout are another reminder that a lot of people in power are greedy “Masters of Chaos”. There have been many studies that suggest that those in such control are certified psychotic. Cruelty, general disassociation and an absence of empathy are basic traits of someone a doctor might give meds to right?

However, this sort of person is who people vote on to make decisions for all of us.

“The psychotic” fearlessly portray themselves in a way that is/was more appealing to the us, the masses. Their true nature being known by few and told by none. We all know somebody around us who we know is fucking crazy and possibly dangerous but we stand by and watch them move through life without a care. We might warn a few people but “the psychotic” always manages to maintain favor with the masses…Why is that?
Why was an entire community poisoned for years?
Why did their elected psychotic decide to poison such a large group of people?
Why are we ignoring the real “killing machines” and focused on guns and electing new psychos?

Why do we only seek justice and relief against shit like when it affects us personally?
Are we too psychotic to concern ourselves with the needs of our other-selves?

It’s because we bear the same fruit as the psycho. Their scripted decency and righteousness echoes within us causing us to romanticize an illusion of someone who thinks like we do. They are the ones we deem brave enough to right the wrongs that we, as a united people, will not.

You don’t need to acknowledge it.
But you know it’s true to some degree, right?

Let’s be honest, cruelty has always been a part of the human experience. From friendship to politics to war, somebody is always looking to dominate something or someone. For many, It’s as natural as smiling to be equally cruel and unkind.

And I hate to be a party pooper but I’m thinking that while this problem may publicly belong to Flint and Ohio right now, tomorrow this will become our problem too.

What will each of us do when lead-filled, shit-water flows from our trusted pipes into our food and family?

Do any of us even know what’s in the water we showered with this morning? Ewww.

Black Honey #2 – Extended Wetness


Are you thirsty? How about a face full of my Lady Lemonade? It’s sweet, warm and sure to hit the spot!

And since i’m such a nice person I want to make sure you are properly hydrated so I’m going to serve
you refreshments for a full 30 minutes! I want you to open wide and taste the rainbow of
Black Honey. This wet experience is for seriously thirsty, golden rain lovers who can handle drinking more than
15 different glasses of my Black Honey Lemonade!

All angles, All wet, All from me and All over your face!

Download this one because you’ve never seen this many all-brand-new scenes in one clip!

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Gifs For You


More pics from my old hard drive turned into gifs to stimulate your mind….enjoy

See the full scenes from these pics at

Selfies for Sluts

No story here, just a few shots I’ve taken with my iPhone over the last 5 years!

I will post more of these as often as I can.